Laurie Covington
Date: Sep 09, 2010

Diane is an expert in Real Estate accounting. She is a valuable resource for assistance in putting together complicated real estate transactions. ...

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Real Estate Services

Property Management

Property ManagementEstablish, maintain and monitor a system of internal controls and procedures in order to maximize cash flow and increase the value of the asset.  Responsible for accurate, timely reports to owners that measure individual property performance.  Experienced in real estate tax appeals.  Skilled manager of commercial condominium associations, homeowner associations, GSA facilities, and all types of commercial properties.

Lease Administration

Lease AdministrationReview lease prior to execution to ensure financial accuracy and integrity of the contract.  Establish a system of internal controls to maximize the collection of rents and minimize the expenses associated with the lease.

Real Estate Development and Construction Management

Construction Site

Prepare project feasibility studies, job cost budget, secure financing, and monitor construction.  Prepare AIA Contract, monitor job cost, and analyze work in progress.  Ensure project is on time and on budget.

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