Kelly Mohr
Date: Aug 26, 2010

Working with Diane has been a pleasure. She has taken the time to learn about our particular business and present workable solutions that add to o...

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Personal Asset Management

Happy FamilyWe have extensive experience in family owned and operated businesses.  Allow us to manage your personal assets and liabilities.  Included in our services is preparing your balance sheet and income statement in order to ensure the accuracy and timely filing of your income tax returns.


There's no time like today to prepare for your future and know where you stand today. Call us and let's get started protecting what you have and setting future goals. 309-360-4430

Estate Planning and Distribution

We will work with you and your attorney to prepare an estate plan in order to minimize the income taxes associated with the transfer of wealth.  At a crucial time we execute the estate and distribute the assets according to the estate plan and give families a sense of security and the knowledge that everything will go smoothly during a tumultuous time in anyone's life.


Our goal is to maximize profits and cash flow by investing in a timely, prudent manner.  We monitor and manage investments in real estate and your stock portfolios while maintaining a constant eye on the economic forecast.

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